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Thank you for the card, and for thinking of me. And thank you so much for your financial advice over the many years. It feels great to be 69!


May 2017


As a client of yours for at least the last 10 years, I wanted to write you a short letter of thanks for all your wise and timely help you have given me!

You make yourself available whenever I needed you! You take the time to get the total picture of the client (age, health, income, etc.) before suggesting how to plan my finances in the future. Your goal is clearly to work for the benefit of the client, suggesting the best options, but never coercing the client.

I also see how well you keep up with the latest developments of each company, and if a change need be made, you inform me.

As for Insurance Policies, if one company’s premiums are going to rise considerably for the next year, you take the time to research as good a quality Company, with reasonable payments. All of your efforts are noticed and very much appreciated, Morty!

Having you as my financial advisor has brought about very nice, steady success and satisfaction in the financial management. For this, and your concern and care for each client, I want to thank you, and wish you great success and good health in all your endeavors!

Yours Sincerely,

R.P. M

November 3, 2014

My husband and I have been privileged to have received and to continue to receive Mr. Morty Stoltzman’s professional advice for over 25 years and counting.

As a teacher of the Associated Hebrew Schools my first encounter with Mr. Morty Stoltzman was when he was in charge of our staff insurance policies and concerns. When faced with an extended maternity leave of absence to take care of the twins I gave birth to, I turned to Mr. Stoltzman for personal advice with respect to insurance coverage.

Expecting a quick and finite reply I and my husband are forever grateful for that opportunity that transformed into a lifetime of dependable, accurate and beneficial advice on not only insurance issues but also with respect to investment and retirement saving plans. Mr. Stoltzman proved to fight for our business no matter how much or how little it would benefit himself. He knew he was the best one qualified to look out for our personal interests, and he was. He has earned our trust and he is not only the first one we turn to when faced with any kind of financial advice but he is also the first we would recommend to others.

Mr. Stoltzman spends countless hours preparing and presenting an array of optional choices never pressuring us yet always taking into consideration our personal needs. He shows concern for our family and we cannot express enough gratitude for his time, personal approach and professionalism. Mr. Morty Stoltzman looks out for our best interest as he selflessly gives of himself. He cares about each and every client as though there were no others. Mr. Morty Stoltzman is both honest and trustworthy.

We wish him continued success in all of his endeavors and look forward to our next meeting of review.

Thank you Morty for all that you have done and for all that you continue to do for us!

We are forever grateful!

Laura A
Teacher at Associated Hebrew Schools
Client of Morty Stolztman’s for over 25 years
Feb. 17, 2013

 My mother and I have been dealing with Morty Stolzman for over 20 years and have always found him to be efficient and thorough in helping us with our Insurance and Investment planning. Morty would regularly call and review my mother’s holdings and recommend changes when needed.

Unfortunately my mother passed away recently and there were a number of issues to deal with in settling her insurance claims and transferring her investments to their beneficiaries. Morty and his staff were very sympathetic and a great help in settling the claims in a timely and efficient manner. As always, he advised the best course of action in settling the estate.

I would highly recommend his services for any financial or insurance needs.

Nadine L.
June 18, 2013

 I am pleased to inform you about the work and ethical standards of Morty Stolzman, whom I have known in the capacity of Financial Advisor and trusted friend, for over twenty-five years. Morty was referred to me by a close relative and I have been thankful for that initial referral on occasions too numerous to mention.

Let me begin by saying that Morty is an excellent listener. He takes notes, asks pertinent questions and sums up his client’s needs before he begins his advising session. He is empathetic and analytical at the same time, a rare quality in a financial counselor.

His follow-up procedures, once the advice is given, is exemplary, and I have often admired the organizational capacity of his office in its ability to monitor clients’ adherence to timelines and other necessary elements to enable them to utilize fully the opportunities about which he has informed them. As a professional, he is meticulous to a fault, and has taken the initiative frequently to inform me, outside of our scheduled sessions, about financial and insurance products about which I would have had no knowledge.

Morty’s ethical standards are of the highest order. As you are probably aware, he accepts new clients only upon introduction by one of those already on his roster. Personally, I have no hesitation in recommending this fine, principled and knowledgeable financial advisor to future clients. I can give my wholehearted support and endorsement to Morty and I am truly pleased to provide this letter as a testimony to my continuing satisfaction with his services.

R. E.
University of Toronto
May 31, 2013.